Before we go any deeper, we need first to discuss the terms HTML, CSS, and XML derived from Markup Language. The term Markup language evolved from the marking up of manuscript used by editors to denote revision instructions in highlight colored pen/pencil.

Markup language set off the software or the web browser showing the text to carry out actions to display the imprinted instruction.

Aside from English and Latin, the World Wide Web uses unique language in terms of communication. HTML &CSS training is the most used language in the cyber world. So, what is HTML? In addition, why is it being widely used compare to other presenting markup language? HTML means hypertext markup language and first introduced by Tim Berbers-Lee, a Physicist, at around 1991. It is a descriptive type mark up or language, meaning it only uses the supplied tags in the document to give specific procedure on how they interpreted by the web browser. The main purpose of the web browser, like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome just to name the few, is to read and display provided HTML by the web designer. HTML has its own humble beginnings. On November 1995, the first version of HTML created as HTML 2.0. The most recent updated version of year to date is HTML 5 released February 2011. It has been widely used for the reason of its simplicity and flexibility in nature as representation of web developing training in bangalore

A web designer does not just jot down what they want to present in a browser. They follow certain rules governed and regulated by W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). Therefore, HTML has elements, notice that not every text written in HTML format viewed by the user, only those written in between tags or words enclosed in angle brackets.web designing training in bangalore

Elements serve as the building blocks of web development and are as what comprises of a structural document denoting heading, paragraph, quotes etc. In general, do not overload yourself with too much information.


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