8 Web Design Tactics to help you when you’re stuck

1.Design from the inside out
A lot of designers start off a design by focusing on the header. Often times what’s inside the page is what makes it look good; the header is supplementary. Try leaving the header alone for awhile and working on some elements in the body, you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to design a page once you’ve got a solid body going.web development training institute in Bangalore

2.Sketch something

My whiteboard is my salvation. Pencil and paper works too. I read article years ago by a designer who would draw dozens of little 2×3″ mock ups in his spiral notebook before even opening up a graphic design program.web designing course in Bangalore

3.Seek inspiration offline

If you’ve paid attention to anything design related in the past two years then you’ve no doubt seen a few of the countless CSS galleries and design showcase websites that popped up. These are excellent sources of inspiration, but sometimes a bit of offline media can be just what you need to spur some fresh ideas.

4.Learn to let it go

Ever make a button that looks ridiculously awesome but just doesn’t belong in your design? You put so much effort into your ridiculously awesome button, you’ll go to great lengths to make it work.web development course in Bangalore

5.Step away from the computer

We’ve all heard this before: If you’re having a difficult time with something, leave it alone for a while and come back later.

6.Be absorbent

No art is born in a vacuum. Learn to effectively pinpoint what it is you love about other designer’s work and incorporate it into your own. Don’t steal designs, but don’t deprive yourself of external stimuli either.

7.Don’t be a one-hit-wonder

Try to avoid using the same techniques over and over again, even if you’ve done really well with them in the past. Gradient rectangles are my crutch – I have a terrible habit of using them whenever I feel like a design isn’t working.

8.Seek input from others

This is a tricky one. There are so many ways to ruin a web design, especially when the wrong kinds of people are involved.