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Advanced Tool for Web Design

Web design means to develop and presenting a specific content in a web page. There are many technologies and tools available foe web designing.

They are,

1.HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

2.DHTML (Dynamic HTML)

1.HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

They are used to create static web pages / passive Webpages That does not change the appearance frequently. These web pages are similar to a printed page in a book. Another example for static web page creation tool is Microsoft Front Page.web designing training in Bangalore


It is very simple to create

They are easy to maintain or modify.

The access time is less when we access the page from a server to client.


It is not suitable for frequent changing situations.

It cannot change the contents itself (Text, Image, Links).

2. DHTML (Dynamic HTML)

It expands the capabilities of HTML by its interaction and presentation. It has programmable tags. These features are achieved by connecting the Wwebpageswith VB Scripts or Java Scripts. Here the content may changes according the time country, user’s type etc. So this type of web page is called Dynamic webpage. So it react the user’s input.


It can change the contents dynamically (Text, Image, Links, Animations Graphics).

It can add multimedia effects and animation.

It is suitable for business applications.