Java is one of the most popular language among the developers to develop the web applications, customized software and web portals, including E commerce and M commerce project.

Every programming language has some strength and weakness. As a developer, it is important to compare Java with other programming languages so that we will be able to select the proper language for a particular project

1.Difference between Java and Python :

(i) Java is not a pure object- oriented language where as Python is a fully object oriented high – level language.

(ii) Java is low – level implementation language on the other hand Python is a scripting language.

(iii) Python programs take time to run than Java programs ,that makes Java a favorable choice for enterprise level project .Java has rich library support for  some of the use cases than Python java course in bangalore

2. Difference between Java and C++ :

Java was derived from the C++ . But there are so many differences as the objectives for both languages are different.

(i) C++ is created mainly for system programming. It is extending the C language ,whereas Java is designed to support network computing.

(ii) When we  compare the libraries of Java and C++ languages, we will know that Java has a powerful cross-platform library. whereas ,C++ library is simple which is  providing containers

3. Difference between Java and C# :

If we consider the security or performance then both languages are same.

(i) Java is a platform independent language. It is supported on multiple operating system than C# without recompiling code. C# is not platform – independent for example it runs on Mac OS-X and  Windows OS but it does not run on Linux platform.

(ii) C# is suitable for the 100 % job support Windows desktop or Windows phone application whereas Java is better for the Android phone application.

4. Difference between Java and Ruby :

Java and ruby both are the object oriented based languages and are strongly typed.

The difference is that in the method while executing the code Java code is first translated into machine code which runs faster than Ruby’s interpreted code.

About Java

– Java is an imperative language like C++, Ada, C, Pascal

– Java is interpreted like LISP, AP

– Java is garbage-collected like LISP, Eiffel, Modula-3

– Java can be compiled like LISP

– Java is object-oriented like C++, Ada, Eiffel

Java is a successful hybrid for a specific-application domain, a reasonable     general-purpose language for non-real-time applications


It is a low level language to understand the basics by implementing the algorithms in the simplest form and at the same time high level enough to implement any task efficiently.

The choice of the language is depend on the needs and requirement of the application. Java is easily adaptable and supportive language for all types of project . Hence for making the bright career learn Java .

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