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Selenium is Open source Web Automation apparatus which was planned by ThoughtWorks in 2004, it begun by Selenium IDE then Selenium RC which is otherwise called Selenium 1 then Selenium Webdriver which is otherwise called Selenium 2

Selenium Webdriver offers no protest vault execution as a matter of course. Be that as it may, actualizing and utilizing a fundamental question store is truly clear. In this article,  will demonstrate to you best practices to do it and how to help the weight of test script support along these lines.

Not at all like QTP/UFT, Selenium does not offer the default execution for protest store. In QTP things are truly clear, simply protest see the controls and add to question vault, and further with the endowments of intelligence highlight in its IDE, use them effortlessly in composing scripts.

However, how we can accomplish the same in selenium?

It should be possible by utilizing Properties document highlight of Java.

What is Object Repository?

Question Repository is an incorporated area where we can store objects data, it goes about as interface between Test script and application with a specific end goal to distinguish the items amid the execution.

We generally suggest utilizing outer document for question archive as opposed to hard coding the articles and its properties straightforwardly into our code. Why this??? As it diminishes the support exertion and gives positive ROI, for instance say any of the question properties change inside our application under test, we can undoubtedly transform it in outer protest storehouse record, as opposed to scanning and doing refreshes for that question exclusively in the code.

Protest Repository Samples: –

Part – System Admin

  • Properties
  • Properties
  • Properties

Why and How to utilize Object Repository?

To play out any activity we require locators. Instrument will play out any activity in view of the locators. For every single activity instrument relies on upon these locators. On the off chance that the apparatus does not recognize the locators, it basically tosses a blunder as Locator/Element Not Found or Identified.

With a specific end goal to ensure the apparatus executes easily, we have to give precise one of a kind identifier/locators.

We have to keep every one of the locators at one place where we can without much of a stretch alter the locators/recognizes if there are any UI changes in the application.

If not, it will wind up noticeably hard to change even one locator, as it will be utilized at a wide range of spots in test scripts.

It is constantly better to keep locators in a different record and at effectively open area. It ought to be characterized in such a way if any new individual participates amidst the venture, he/she ought to be equipped for rolling out improvements/adding any new locators to the record.


An essential protest vault can be executed as an accumulation of key-esteem sets, with the key being a legitimate name distinguishing the question and the esteem containing interesting articles properties used to recognize the question on a screen. For this, we will utilize a .properties record in Java which is a fundamental gathering of key-esteem sets.

Making Properties File in Eclipse:-


Right tap on the Package in the arrangement Explorer of Eclipse-> New – >Other


General – >File – >Click Next


Offer name to the document with .properties augmentation (Say OR_Gmail_Login.properties) – >Click Finish

Including Key/esteem Pairs in Properties File:-

Before including our items into question archive, how about we diagram a straightforward situation that we will be robotizing in Selenium:-

  1. Dispatch Gmail login page.
  2. Fill the Username and Password fields and tap on Submit catch

In the wake of making our unfilled properties document, now we have to include our components, as key and Value sets.

For Example:-

Gmail.LoginPage.txtPassword – > Key


With this clear instrument we have possessed the capacity to immensely diminish the measure of time required for script upkeep on the off chance that protest properties change. All it takes is a refresh of the proper sections in the question outline we’re ready and run our tests once more.

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