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WebDriver Playback is a recently presented include in Selenium IDE. It enables clients to run Selenium IDE tests in various programs subsequently, expanding value of Selenium IDE as test mechanization instrument. This article clarifies how we can utilize WebDriver Playback highlight and run our Selenium IDE script in various programs other than Mozilla Firefox.

We will attempt to run a Selenium IDE test script on Google Chrome program. Obviously, you can run your test on different programs, for example, Internet Explorer, Opera, Android, iPhone, iPad and so forth. For that, you’ll simply need to supplant the program name in WebDriver Playback tab. We’ll see this in our illustration steps. For the time being, how about we take after underneath ventures to run Selenium IDE script on Google Chrome.

  • Open Selenium IDE.
  • Go to Options–>Options–>WebDriver tab.
  • Check the alternative to ‘Empower WebDriver Playback’ from opened tab.
  • Provide “chrome” esteem in content box and snap OK catch. We can determine program name of our decision in the content box. Program names are given in ‘Program decisions’ content shown beneath this content box. Your alternatives discourse ought to seem to be like underneath picture in the wake of rolling out these improvements.
  • Restart Selenium IDE. Restart is required for the progressions to produce results.
  • We will require individual program driver (in our case, Chrome driver) alongside Selenium Standalone JAR record. You can download them from here and here. When you have these documents, put them two in same organizer.
  • Now open your Command Prompt and explore to the catalog where driver and JAR records are put away. Selenium Courses in Bangalore
  • Run taking after charge from Command Prompt to begin Selenium server and Chrome Driver server. Utilize individual driver name in the event that you are utilizing an alternate program.
    • java – bump selenium-server-independent 2.43.1.jar – Dwebdriver.chrome.driver=chromedriver.exe
  • Now, open your Selenium IDE script and run it as you generally do.
  • You ought to see your test script getting executed in Google Chrome program.

It would be ideal if you take note of that the program will stay open after test script is executed. You should physically close it.

As observed from the above illustration, we can utilize WebDriver Playback to effortlessly run our Selenium IDE tests in programs other than Firefox. This element includes greater adaptability in Selenium IDE which can be of awesome use to all Selenium clients. We trust you would discover the WebDriver Playback include valuable. Tell us in remarks how it goes for you.

2 Ways to Take Screenshot in Selenium IDE:

In spite of the fact that Selenium IDE is not broadly utilized as a part of any venture’s robotization these days, you may need to utilize it for some fundamental mechanization. And keeping in mind that you are grinding away, you may experience a need to take screenshot in Selenium IDE. There are 2 ways you can accomplish this. This article points of interest them two. selenium training.

Utilizing captureEntirePageScreenshot charge:-

Selenium IDE gives captureEntirePageScreenshot and captureEntirePageScreenshotAndWait charges to take screenshot of a whole website page. To utilize these charges, set Target an incentive to a record name with area where you need your screenshot spared and you ought to be ready. The summon will take screenshot of whole site page.

Utilizing module to take Screenshot in Selenium IDE:-

The Selenium IDE module here catches screenshot each time your test fizzles. Once introduced, you ought to see a catch for this module in your Selenium IDE window. Empower this catch when beginning your trial. A screenshot of whole site page will be caught and spared at whatever point an order gets fizzled amid test execution. The main catch of this module is, it doesn’t catch screenshot of breezed through experiment too. While a bit much, it would have been an appreciated expansion. selenium classes.

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