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Before we begin, Note that, it’s not Rocket science to learn selenium. A considerable lot of us feel like, we should be master in java. It’s not; you have to know the nuts and bolts of the dialect.

In this cutting edge age, analyzers are considered as bottlenecks to the conveyance of programming items. We (analyzers) are being requested to test increasingly usefulness in less time. Nowadays with the rise of various programming advancement models, we have to test numerous highlights over and again.

This hurls a test ‘Time required running test cases physically’. One approach to overcome is to mechanize a large portion of the experiments that are dreary and are tedious.

Advantages of Automation Testing are:

  • Reliable: Test performs same activities each time they are executed – wiping out human blunder.
  • Reusable: Tests can be reused distinctive adaptations of an application.
  • Better Quality Software: can run more tests in less time with fewer assets – great scope.
  • Fast: Tests are fundamentally quicker than human clients.
  • Cost Reduction: number of assets for tests is diminished.
  • Replaces physically hard, uninteresting and work concentrated errands.

Why Tests Should Be Automated:

  • Some manual Tests set aside long opportunity to run, if the related highlights are steady then those tests can be computerized.
  • Build confirmation tests (to ensure the manufacture) or Smoke tests are required to keep running as quick as conceivable inorder to dismiss a fabricate discharge instantly, in the event that it isn’t great. This is a dreary assignment which needs to perform on each form that is discharged for testing.
  • Coding is estimated as far as 100 to 1000’s KLOC (kilo lines of code) and engineers need to know quick if there are issues existing and just mechanized testing is the arrangement.
  • Features that need thorough testing. Compilers are great illustrations.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is an instrument which computerizes programs. That is it. selenium training in Bangalore It’s for the most part utilized for computerizing Web Based applications not at all like QTP.

Why selenium, a hotcake?

It’s an open source instrument (Freeware). Licenses of different instruments cost you a bomb. Selenium can run contents crosswise over various programs i.e, its cross-program consistent. Can plan the contents in various dialects. Multi-dialect backend bolster (Java, Ruby,PHP,etc). Supports diverse working frameworks.

So What, Why should utilize/Learn?

  • Increases you attractiveness, Ads tremendous weight to your resume.
  • Assist with the arrangement of blemished free code.
  • Growing Industry standard.
  • Leading mechanization instrument in the market (open source).

The Suite:-

  • Selenium is a suite of four, it’s a bundle.
  • Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Selenium RC/Selenium 1 (Remote Control)
  • Webdriver
  • Selenium Grid

Selenium RC and Webdriver are converged to frame an all the more capable device called Selenium 2, with Webdriver being the principle. Selenium as compound component is utilized to treat Mercury Poisoning (QTP some time ago known as Mercury).

Selenium IDE:

Selenium IDE is an entire Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for creating Selenium tests (beforehand known as Selenium Recorder). It resembles video recorder which records client activities and plays back. It’s a Firefox augmentation that permits recording, altering and playback of tests.

Selenium RC:

Before getting in RC, we have to know few terms identified with web advancement:

HTML: To characterize the substance of pages like the Headings, Images.

CSS: To determine the format of site pages like Color, Margins, and Alignment.

JavaScript: To program the conduct of site pages like approvals.

At the point when the program is stacked, Selenium RC ‘infuses’ JavaScript capacities into the program and after those utilizations it to drive the application in the program. To do as such, it utilizes a Proxy server as a medium between the manager (where code is composed) and Browser. This server needs to began physically every time it’s run.


Webdriver is straight forward, Makes guide calls to the program utilizing program’s local help for computerization. In this way, eliminating the server; it is designed to give a less complex, all the more clear interface Selenium Courses in Bangalore while tending to confinements in the Selenium-RC.

It provides better help to dynamic pages where components of page may change without the page being reloaded.

Selenium Grid:

Selenium Grid permits to run various tests crosswise over various programs, working frameworks, and machines in parallel. This implies distinctive tests can be keep running in the meantime on various remote machines.

Key Features of Selenium:-

Selenium-WebDriver bolsters the accompanying programs alongside the working frameworks these programs are perfect with. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 – 32 and 64-bit where pertinent, Firefox: most recent ESR, past ESR, current discharge, one past discharge, Safari, Opera ,HtmlUnit, phantomjs, Android (with Selendroid or appium), iOS (with ios-driver or appium).