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This article is for the general population who might want to computerize their applications even-minded with less exertion. We as a whole know planning a system for each undertaking is a major ordeal and tedious process.

This article reveals to you how to encourage and alleviate incommodious errands utilizing Selenium Object Bank and Cucumber JVM. You can think about this as a Hybrid Framework.

What is Selenium Object Bank?

Selenium Object Bank (SOB) is a venture presented via Automation Testing Utilities. Utilizing this, selenium training in Bangalore we can diminish the little exertion in making page objects. The targets of SOB are

  • Storing every one of the Objects in a focal area
  • Changing Object properties with no alteration on the Script
  • Readability and clear comprehension of the robotization steps performed by simply investigating the Script
  • Minimizing the Script code by Object documentation
  • Creating Robust Scripts
  • Re convenience of the Objects
  • Identifying the Objects with various locators other than those gave by Web Driver (id, name, xpath, css, class, tagName)

What is Cucumber?

Cucumber enables you to compose highlight documentation in Plain Text. You could sit with your Client or Business Analyst to record the highlights to be based on your application. Appropriate utilization of this system has an extraordinary potential to cross over any barrier between businessmen and improvement individuals. At any rate I am not going to outline each niche and corner here. Essentially saying, cucumber jvm will produce the test techniques for you so you don’t have to invest energy in outlining test strategies once more. You can surf in web for more data on Cucumber.

Step by step instructions to utilize SOB:-

Selenium Object Bank is accessible as a Plugin for Eclipse IDE. You should take after couple of ventures to benefit its excellence.

Stage 1:- You have to download the Plugin and download SOB bump.

Stage 2:- Dispatch Eclipse IDE, tap on Help – > Install New Software

Stage 3:- You should see a window with ‘Include’ catch. On clicking ‘Include’, you should see a fly up ‘Add to Repository’ which enables you to include the downloaded Plugin. Simply tap on Local and peruse the extricated zip.

Stage 4:- Once the Plugin catalog is chosen, the way is appeared in the little window. Tap on ‘alright’ catch, you can likewise give the name it’s discretionary.

When it’s set, you should see ‘Selenium Object Bank Manager’ on right clicking any class

The most effective method to utilize Cucumber:-

It’s very straightforward; we have to outline situations in highlights records which expresses the conduct of the application in plain English. Once you’re finished with it, without flaw tap on the component record and keep running as ‘Cucumber Feature’ which produces test strategies saying ‘You can execute missing strides with the bits beneath’ in the reassure.

The most effective method to utilize Cucumber JVM with Selenium Object Bank:-

When you get the test strategies on running cucumber include documents, you have to make step definitions for every one of the situations. For that simply make a Package named ‘com.stepDef’ and make a class of that element. Presently duplicate the test techniques from reassure and glue it in the class you have made.

Right tap on that class, you should see ‘Selenium Object Bank Manager’. Simply click it. Here comes the fascinating part, you should see a control board where you can include the page objects show in that page. Simply give appropriate decipherable question name and furthermore attribute (xpath) and Value (esteem).

From the SOB window you can see the accessible Objects in the left Pane. When you tap on any Object from the left sheet, you can see the Object subtle elements and the Element Tag write from the Properties table and the Select Box

To Add an Object, Enter a Unique Object Name in the field, Select the component label write, enter the quality and its esteem (you can include in excess of one locator) and tap on Add catch.

Once you’re finished with including page protests close the window and Refresh the Project. A bundle begins with ‘objects.mapper…’ and an envelope ‘ObjectBank’ alongside a class has [Script Name] Objects will be created.

It’s straightforward right! Presently you can simply call the page protests wherever you require it. Since the majority of the work was finished by Cucumber and SOB and rest will be finished by selenium courses in Bangalore actualizing couple of rationales in view of the usefulness. This system truly spares tremendous time and makes you unconcerned.