13 distinctive features of Python programming language


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  1. Features of Python programming language

At some point in time, we had about as several programming languages as we might count on our fingers. Today, there is so many and every one with their own specialities. But what make a language distinctive are its features. And ultimately, it’s its features that compass chosen or passed for a project. thus before starting with deeper ideas of Python, let’s take a look at the main features of python programming language that provide you with reasons why you must learn Python as compared to R or alternative tool. Thus let’s begin with the features of Python programming language.

  1. Easy

When we say the word ‘easy’, we mean it in numerous contexts.

  1. simple to code

As we’ve seen in earlier lessons, Python is extremely simple to code. Compared to alternative popular languages like Java and C++, it is easier to code in Python. Though sure, mastering Python requires learning regarding all its advanced ideas and packages and modules. That takes time. Thus, it’s programmer-friendly.

  1. easy to browse

Being a high-level language, Python code is kind of like English. Observing it, you’ll tell what the code is meant to try to. Also, since it’s dynamically-typed, it mandates indentation. This aids readability.

  1. Expressive

First, let’s find out about quality. Suppose we’ve 2 languages A and B, and all programs which will be created during a are often created in B victimization native transformations. However, there are some programs which will be created in B, however not during a, using native transformations. Then, B is claimed to be a lot of communicatory than A. Python provides United States of America with a myriad of constructs that facilitate United States of America specialize in the answer instead of on the syntax. This is often one amongst the outstanding python options that tell you why you must learn Python.

  1. Free and open-source

Firstly, Python is freely accessible.

Secondly, it’s open-source. This implies that its source code is out there to the general public. You’ll download it, change it, use it, and distribute it. This is often referred to as FLOSS (Free/Libra and Open supply Software). Because the Python community, we’re all headed toward one goal- an ever-bettering Python.

  1. High- Level

As we mentioned in purpose 2b, it’s a high-level language. This implies that as programmers, we don’t have to keep in mind the system design. Nor can we get to manage the memory. This makes it a lot of programmer-friendly and is one of the key Python Training in Bangalore python features.

  1. Portable

Now, if you want to run it on a Mac, you don’t have to create changes to it for the same. In alternative words, you’ll take one code and run it on any machine, there’s no got to write totally different code for various machines. This makes Python a portable language. However, you must avoid any system-dependent options in this case.

  1. Interpreted

If you’re any aware of languages like C++ or Java, you need to 1st compile it, and then run it. However in Python, there’s no got to compile it. Internally, its source code is regenerate into an on the spot kind called byte code. So, all you would like to try to is to run your Python code without worrying regarding linking to libraries, and a number of alternative things.

By understood, we have a tendency to mean the source code is dead line by line, and not all quickly. As a result of this, it’s easier to right your code. Also, decoding makes it simply slightly slower than Java; however that doesn’t matter compared to the advantages it’s to supply.

  1. Object-Oriented

A programming language which will model the important world is claimed to be object-oriented. It focuses on objects, and combines data and functions. Contrarily, a procedure-oriented language revolves around functions that are code which will be reused. Python supports each procedure-oriented and object-oriented programming that is one amongst the key python options. It also supports multiple inheritance, unlike Java. a class could be a blueprint for such an object. It an abstract data type, and holds no values.

  1. Extensible

If needed, you’ll write a number of your Python code in alternative languages like C++. This makes Python an extensible language that means that it is often extended to alternative languages.

  1. Embeddable

We simply saw that we are able to place code in alternative languages in our Python ASCII text file. However, it’s conjointly doable to place our Python code in a source code during a totally different language like C++. This enables USA to integrate scripting capabilities into our program of the opposite language.

  1. Large standard Library

Python downloads with an oversized library that you simply will use thus you ought not to write your own code for every single factor. There are libraries for python courses in bangalore normal expressions, documentation-generation, unit-testing, net browsers, threading, databases, CGI, email, image manipulation, and heaps of other functionality.

  1. GUI Programming

You can use Tk to create basic GUIs.

  1. Dynamically typed

Python is dynamically-typed. This means that the kind for a worth is set at runtime, not in advance. This is often why we don’t have to specify the kind of data whereas declaring it.


Now that you simply recognize what are the options of python, you recognize what makes it special. During this article, we have a tendency to learn regarding numerous options of Python. We have a tendency to saw that it’s understood, dynamically-typed, and object-oriented, among alternative python options. It’s conjointly moveable, free, and easy. Currently that’s some motivation to dive into the globe of Python.


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Workflow Engine in Java


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Java-based workflow engines like Activiti, Bonita or jBPM bolster a wide scope of the BPMN 2.0 determination. Subsequently, you can demonstrate forms graphically.

Furthermore, a portion of those engines has reproduction capacities like Activity (with Activity Crystal ball). On the off chance that you code the procedures all alone, you aren’t as adaptable when you have to change the procedure. Accordingly, we would likewise guidance to utilize a java based BPM engine.

  1. Bonita:

Bonita has a zero-coding approach which implies that they give a simple to utilize IDE to fabricate your procedures without the requirement for coding. To accomplish that, Bonita has the idea of connectors. For instance, on the off chance that you need to expend a web benefit, they furnish you with a graphical wizard. The drawback is that you need to compose the plain XML SOAP-envelope physically and duplicate it in a graphical textbox.

The issue with this methodology is that you just can understand use cases which are expected by Bonita. On the off chance that you need to coordinate a framework which Bonita did not build up a connector for, you need to code such a connector all alone which is exceptionally excruciating. For instance, Bonita offers a SOAP connector for devouring SOAP web administrations. This connector just works with SOAP 1.2, yet not for SOAP 1.1. In the event that you have an inheritance application with SOAP 1.1, you can’t coordinate this framework effectively in your procedure. Java Training in Bangalore The equivalent is valid for databases. There are just a couple of database connectors for committed database variants. On the off chance that you have a variant not coordinating to a connector, you need to code this all alone.

Moreover, Bonita has no help for LDAP or Active Directory Sync in the free network release which is a significant work of art for a generation situation. Something else to consider is that Bonita is authorized under the GPL/LGPL permit which could cause issues when you need to coordinate Bonita in another venture application. What’s more, the network bolster is extremely feeble. There are a few posts which are over 2 years of age and those posts are as yet not replied.

Another imperative thing is Business-IT-Alignment. Displaying forms is a community discipline in which IT AND the business investigators are involved. That is the reason you require sufficient apparatuses for both client gatherings (for example an Eclipse Plugin for the designers and simple to utilize web modeler for the representatives). Bonita just offers Bonita Studio, which should be introduced on your machine. This IDE is very specialized and not reasonable for business clients. In this manner, it is difficult to acknowledge Business-IT-Alignment with Bonita.

Bonita is a BPM device for exceptionally inconsequential and simple procedures. In light of the zero-coding approach, the learning bend is low and you can begin demonstrating quickly. You require less programming aptitudes and you can understand your procedures without the need for coding. In any case, when your procedures turn out to be extremely perplexing, Bonita probably won’t be the best arrangement as a result of the absence of adaptability. You just can understand use cases which are proposed by Bonita.

  1. jBPM:

jBPM is an amazing Open Source BPM Engine which has a ton of highlights. The web modeler even backings pre-assembled models of some van der Aalst work process designs (workflowpatterns.com). Business-IT-Alignment is feasible on the grounds that jBPM offers an Eclipse combination just as an electronic modeler. Java Courses in Bangalore Somewhat precarious is that you just can characterize frames in the web modeler, yet not in the Eclipse Plugin, supposedly. To total up, jBPM is a decent possibility for utilizing in an organization. Our work of art was the adaptability. jBPM depends on the Rules-Engine Drools. This prompts the way that entire procedure examples are continued as BLOBS in the database. This is a critical work of art when you think about looking and versatility.

What’s more, the expectation to absorb information is high a direct result of the multifaceted nature. jBPM does not offer a Service Task as the BPMN-Standard proposes conversely, you need to characterize your very own Java Service undertakings and you need to enlist them physically in the engine, which results in very low dimension programming.

  1. Activiti:

At last, we ran with Activiti in light of the fact that this is a simple to utilize structure based engine. It offers an Eclipse Plugin just as a cutting edge AngularJS Web-Modeler. Thusly, you can understand Business-IT-Alignment. The REST-API is anchored by Spring Security which implies that you can expand the Engine effectively with Single Sign-on highlights. On account of the Apache License 2.0, there is no copyleft which implies you are totally free as far as for use and extensibility which is critical in a beneficial domain.

Moreover, the BPMN-inclusion is great. Not all BPMN-components are acknowledged, but rather I don’t have a clue about any engine which does that.

The Activiti Explorer is a demo frontend which exhibits the use of the Activiti APIs. Since this frontend depends on VAADIN, it tends to be broadened effectively. The people group is extremely dynamic which implies that you can get encouraged quick in the event that you have any issues.

Activiti offers great coordination focuses for outside frame advances which are imperative for profitable use. The frame innovations of all hopefuls are exceptionally prohibitive. Consequently, it bodes well to utilize a standard frame innovation like XForms in a mix with the Engine. Indeed, even such increasingly complex things are feasible by means of the formKey-Attribute.

Activiti does not pursue the zero-coding approach which implies that you will require a touch of coding on the off chance that you need to coordinate administrations. Be that as it may, even the correspondence with SOAP administrations can be accomplished by utilizing a Java Service Task and Apache CXF. The coding exertion is low.



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Steps involved in Implementation of Java Selenium Automation Project

So as to connect to the constant conveyance pipeline, have to execute an open source test computerization arrangement from the beginning utilizing Selenium WebDriver.

Pick a Programming language:-

Since Selenium WebDriver bolsters various dialects (Java, c#, Ruby, and so on), the initial step was to pick a dialect usage to utilize. As a large portion of the application improvement was done in Java, this turned into the dialect of decision for computerization group to utilize. Having a solitary dialect disentangled the assemble designing procedures as well. KISS standard right? In any case, group is happy with selenium training institute in Bangalore working in whatever dialect the structure group has just picked. Adaptability is the name. When the dialect was nailed down, the following choice of devices was simple.

Pick an IDE:-

For an IDE, the group ran with Eclipse. In spite of the fact, we could have effectively picked NetBeans or IntelliJIdea. Shroud has some decent modules for a portion of the devices we were utilizing – TestNG, Git, Maven, and so forth.

Pick a dependency supervisor:-

For a strong test system, you will require considerably more than the selenium APIs, and your reliance chief will have the capacity to naturally download the vital records your task needs and construct the undertaking. There were a few reliance supervisors to look over for the Java dialect – Maven, Gradle, Ant, and so on. Ran with Maven as it was the strongest apparatus to deal with our conditions, and guided directly into whatever is left of the device set we were utilizing.

Pick version control the board:-

The client picked Git as their source code the board instrument for all advancement ventures, which worked superbly for us since this was the device we would have picked, whenever given the decision. Git is quite well known for open source ventures and there were bunches of modules for it in the greater part of the instruments were utilizing.

Pick your test system:-

The subsequent stage was test structures. It needed an approach to compose and make tests, and there were some current test structures to look over. TestNG is the most widely recognized and prevalent for the java dialect. It is roused from the JUnit structure with extra usefulness – exhaustive revealing, bolster for information driven testing, bolster for parameters, solid execution show, parallelism, and so on. TestNG has magnificent documentation and explicit help for coordinating Eclipse and Maven.

Test execution and adaptability:-

We Utilized the Selenium Grid to deal with test execution and versatility. It was really easy to setup and it took just 1 day! We began with a lot of VMs, with one of the machines filling in as the selenium center point and whatever remains of the machines as a hub to the center point. At first, began with all the equivalent working frameworks on each VM and they all had every one of the 3 programs we upheld – IE 8, Chrome, and Firefox. There are feasible arrangements to add to the framework with extra machines covering the diverse working frameworks and distinctive program renditions.

Guide into the Continuous Integration pipeline:-

The client picked Jenkins as the CI instrument for all tasks. Luckily, Jenkins is an extremely simple device to work with, with choices to make Maven style occupations that guided directly into our source code on Git. We had 2 Jenkins servers to work with – our very own test occurrence and the example that the engineers utilized. We utilized the test example to play around with arrangements, make sense of best methodologies, try out new modules, and run mechanized tests that weren’t planned to deal with solicitations from the QA people.

For the case selenium courses in Bangalore that was imparted to the engineers, underlying technique was to have an occupation that was commenced naturally amid the assemble/arrangement process. The test suite was sorted out in the accompanying way utilizing TestNG gathering/suite usefulness:

  • Level 1 – Web Services tests – check every one of the administrations we had robotized were ready for action.
  • Level 2 – Smoke tests – abnormal state tests
  • Level 3 – Remainder of relapse tests

Having our tests assembled along these lines gave alternatives to complete an amazed methodology, beginning first with the web administrations tests, to see it any of the administrations were down after the manufacture. At that point the smoke tests could get commenced pursued by the rest of the relapse tests. Jenkins keeps an assemble history where test results can be seen. We additionally arranged Jenkins to convey an email telling the group when a construct fizzled and included trial results.

Differences between Python vs. Scala


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Differences between Python vs. Scala

Python and Scala are the two major languages for data science, Big Data, Cluster computing. Both Python and Scala are the overall purpose programming languages that support Object oriented model to create applications.

Python is a taken high-level object-oriented programming language created by Guido Rossum. It’s a dynamically written language. It is an interface to several OS system calls and supports multiple programming models together with Python Training In Bangalore  object-oriented, imperative, practical and procedural paradigms.

Scala is additionally an object-oriented programming language designed by Martin Odersky. It’s accustomed offer support for practical programming and a powerful static type system. Scala gets its name as a mix of ‘scalable’ and ‘language’, wherever it will scale in line with the amount of users and here everything is an expression. It swimmingly integrates the options of object-oriented and practical languages.

Key variations Between Python vs. Scala

The variations Between Python vs. Scala are explained within the below-mentioned points:

  1. Python may be a dynamically written taken language whereas Scala may be a statically written compiled language
  2. For development, Python looks a lot of productive and it doesn’t would like compilation for many cases that create development quicker and speedy. Within the case of Scala, a compilation is just too slow, therefore the event of Scala application takes longer.
  3. Python has huge libraries as per the various task complexities. Just in case of Scala, its libraries are small.
  4. Python contains a lot of available platforms however CPython is usually used whereas for Scala, applications run in JVM
  5. just in case of Python, the low level can be achieved by extending using C and C++. For Scala, it’s not easy to realize the low level and principally suppose JVM.
  6. Python has decent memory usage whereas Scala has a lot of memory consumption.
  7. Python is way easier to find out than Scala
  8. Being a dynamic language, Python executes slowly than Scala
  9. Python is less complicated to check because of being dynamic whereas being static, Scala is good for testing
  10. Python may be a mature language and its usage continues to grow. However in case of Scala, it doesn’t have widespread use or knowledge base.

Following is that the set of points shows the comparison Between Python vs. Scala


  • Python may be a dynamically written Object oriented programming language in Python class in Bangalore marathahalli order that we don’t have to be compelled to specify objects.
  • Scala is statically written Object oriented programming language and thus we want to specify the kind of variables and objects in Scala


  • Python being a dynamically written language creates further work for the interpreter at the runtime. It’s to determine the information types during runtime.
  • Scala being a statically written language uses the JVM and therefore it’s ten times quicker than Python. Therefore while coping with massive data method, Scala should be thought-about rather than Python


  • Python has an interface to several OS system calls and libraries. it’s several interpreters
  • Scala relies on JVM and its source code is compiled to Java byte Codes then executed by JVM. It’s essentially a compiled language and all source codes are compiled before execution


  • Python is easy to learn and use. Its English-like syntax contributes to its popularity. It’s simple for the developers to write code in Python.
  • Scala is less troublesome to find out than Python. However, for concurrent and scalable systems, Scala plays a far bigger and necessary role than Python.


  • Python doesn’t support correct multithreading, although it supports heavyweight method forking.
  • Scala contains a list of asynchronous libraries and reactive cores and therefore it’s a more robust selection for implementing concurrency.

Type of Safety

  • Python language is dynamically written and extremely vulnerable to bugs whenever there’s any modification to the present code. However, it will be used for small-scale comes however it doesn’t offer scalable feature support.
  • Scala may be a statically written language that provides an interface to catch the compile time errors. Therefore refactoring code in Scala is much easier and ideal than Python.


  • Being a dynamic programming language, testing method and its methodologies are much complicated in Python.
  • Scala may be a statically written language and therefore testing is way higher in Scala.


  • Python’s Community is big compared to Scala
  • Both are open supply and Scala additionally has sensible community support. But still, it’s lesser than Python.

Advanced options

  • Python has correct data science tools and libraries for Machine learning and natural language processing (NLP). Scala doesn’t have that a lot of tools to work on machine learning and IP.
  • Scala has numerous existential sorts, macros and implicit. The syntax with advanced options is also little hard as compared to usual functions. Frameworks and libraries, however, enable the developers to create sensible use of those features.

Conclusion Python vs. Scala

After comparison Python vs. Scala over a range of things, it are often all over that selection of any of the language depends entirely on the options that best match the project wants as all has its own professionals and cons. So, before deciding on a language for programming, developers ought to learn and analyze completely different artifacts of each Python and Scala language. Thus, supported the project would like, time of work and on all alternative completely different mentioned aspects, anyone of those languages should be elect to succeed in the required goal.


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Automation Tool – Practices for Implementing Selenium Testing


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Selenium is turning into the most looked for after robotized testing device. As surveyed distinctive sites that commit their whole substance to Selenium. As watched interminable hypothetical foundations, precedents, clarifications, establishments, and code portions, the one thing that needed to delve further into was the reason an ever increasing number of associations are relocating to Selenium?

So as to unmistakably comprehend the advantages of Selenium and why it is picking up fame, we first need to comprehend robotization testing.

Key Findings:-

  • In the previous decade, the development of IT industry has brought along complex IT items and considerably increasingly confused applications. Powerful testing is considerably progressively imperative as there is no degree for human mistakes or manual goofs.
  • Automated testing is assuming control manual procedures as it quicker and increasingly proficient. It isn’t inclined to blunders, gives test inclusion in brief time, and comes with ease.
  • The interest for mechanization testing is expanding at an extraordinary speed and scale. As per Transparency Market Research (TMR), the worldwide test robotization market will probably extend at a hearty CAGR of 15.4% from 2017 to 2025 to end up worth US$ 109.69 billion by 2025 from US$ 30.45 billion out of 2016.
  • Success here relies upon distinguishing the correct device for the venture. With such huge numbers of robotization devices to browse, this procedure can be precarious.

Selenium, the All-time Favourite:-

Selenium, the open-source robotization testing device for electronic applications, is ending up progressively well known. The widely utilized robotization device has certain special advantages that give it an edge over the challenge. How about we see why it is the most favored selection of associations, selenium training in Bangalore and robotization analyzers.

  • The primary explanation behind the accomplishment of Selenium is that the tests can be coded in any number of programming dialects, they can be run specifically in internet browsers, and work crosswise over working frameworks.
  • The second purpose behind the achievement of Selenium as the most dominant mechanization apparatus are its highlights that are easy to utilize – its skilled UIs help address 90% issues of web application analyzers. furthermore, a greater amount of these settle on it a favored decision for some analyzers.

Best Practices – Selenium Test Automation:-

In light of understanding of utilizing Selenium for test robotization, I suggest the accompanying practices:

  1. Use PageObjects Pattern:

Page Object show is an article configuration design in Selenium, where site pages are spoken to as classes, and the different components on the page are characterized as factors on the class. All conceivable client collaborations would then be able to be executed as strategies on the class:


setCredentials (user_name, user_password);

Since all around named strategies in classes are anything but difficult to peruse, this fills in as a rich method to actualize test schedules that are both intelligible and less demanding to keep up or refresh later on.

Points of interest of utilizing Page Object Pattern:

  • Easy to Maintain
  • Easy Readability of contents
  • Reduce or Eliminate trickery
  • Re-ease of use of code
  • Reliability
  1. Preferred selector arranges:

Favored selector arrange: id > name >links text> css > xpath

CSS and XPath are area based selectors, they are slower than different selectors.

  • Id and name are regularly the simplest and beyond any doubt way.
  • CSS = Id + name.
  • Last arrangement ought to be xpath.
  1. Avoid Thread.sleep incline toward Wait:

Rather than rest, utilize express pause/understood hold up is the best practice, we should perceive what really the unequivocal pause, Thread.sleep(), Implicit hold up’s working rationale

Express wait:An unequivocal hold up is a sort of trust that a specific condition will happen before continuing further in the code.

Verifiable wait:An understood hold up is to advise WebDriver to survey the DOM for a specific measure of time when attempting to discover a component or components in the event that they are not promptly accessible. The default setting is 0

Thread.sleep()In rest code will dependably sit tight for referenced seconds inside the enclosures even in the event that working page is prepared after 1 sec. Along these lines, this can moderate the tests.

  1. Don’t Use a Specific Driver:
  • Using Parameter notes you can without much of a stretch handle diverse program types and set up your test for cross-program and parallel execution.
  • Using JUnit, you have @RunWith(Parameterized.class) with @Parameters (program).
  • Using TestNG you have @Parameters(“browser”) with XML setup.
  1. Taking Screen Shots and Logs from HTML Sources:
  • It will effectively help the examination in the event that something turns out badly. Essentially, you need to make a sort of Watcher/Listener for your tests.
  • In JUnit you can utilize @Rule.
  • In TestNG you can utilize expands TestListenerAdapter and utilize a XML design <listener> and org.testng.Reporter.log
  1. IE Not Working:
  • The program zoom level must be set to 100% so the local mouse occasions can be set to the right facilitates.
  • You should set the Protected Mode settings for each zone to be a similar esteem. The esteem can be on or off, as long as it is the equivalent for each zone. To set the Protected Mode settings, pick “Web Options… ” from the Tools menu, and tap on the Security tab. For each zone, there will be a check box at the base of the tab named “Empower Protected Mode”.
  1. Data Driven Testing:
  • To utilize a similar test with various contributions because of test an impressive assortment of situations without code evolving.

Selenium is an incredible asset, which can be utilized adequately by designers and analyzers. With its helpful highlights, Selenium fills in as a key apparatus for selenium training in Bangalore program similarity testing just as framework useful testing. Utilizing Selenium enables customers to use advantages of custom Selenium Test Automation systems.

By utilizing restrictive test quickening agents, customers can kick off test computerization and decrease robotization process duration. Selenium Test Automation Framework is a demonstrated and tried structure having 90+ capacity libraries to straightforwardly kick off your test computerization tasks or supplement your current test mechanization suite. It is undoubtedly solid when contrasted with other accessible apparatuses for mechanization testing.

Benefits of Using Selenium Testing Tool in Automation testing


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There is a squeezing need to make web applications hearty, with first class GUI and all the ideal usefulness performing effortlessly. Be that as it may, one of the key hauls in the application improvement process is the trying stage. The application drives designers to compromise in the tedious testing stage. The outcome is insane items, with end-clients hindered by numerous glitches. This arrangement has gotten on to unravel the test mechanization.

Test automation creating contents for running mechanized test directions programs. It works financially savvy, exact, and quicker conventional manual-overwhelming technique for broad relapse testing. The accomplishment of test computerization is nevertheless not given. Robotization is just in the same class as the directions that move it. The test robotization venture rules, ideas, procedures, and revealing systems. Any deficiencies in these guidelines could corrupt the testing.

Selenium is an open-source test robotization device. It is making life less demanding for engineers made up for lost time in the testing procedure.

Advantages of utilizing Selenium for Test Automation:-

Selenium tests the GUI and usefulness of sites. A robotization content utilizing Selenium educates the program to explore to a page. Tap on some component, top off a frame, or do whatever else that ordinary web or application clients expected to do. Selenium offers an effective method to produce test contents. Selenium training in Bangalore – Its usefulness reuses such contents in a computerized structure. This executes test cases in three unique modes.

Selenium IDE, the record-playback mode, logs the test situations. It offers a decent begin to compose tests, and gathering it together, to frame a test suite. Selenium RC or remote-control mode dispatches various programs and executes the pre-recorded experiments. Selenium Grid records and replays Selenium IDE and RC test cases, to affirm the tests.

Automation instruments that convey pretty much similar outcomes. Things being what they are the reason Selenium.

Selenium open source robotized testing devices productivity and cost sparing capacities. Selenium is discharged under the Apache 2.0 permit, enabling clients to download and utilize it gratis. The dynamic designer network device makes bolster for with authorized devices.

Highlights of Selenium:-

Selenium a few highlights that make the assignment of creating mechanized contents. Simple, the different segments chose, contingent upon the multifaceted nature of the website page or application. For which the content is being composed. A simple to-utilize interface for the advancement procedure makes. It less demanding to make unit tests, exploratory tests, one-off bug multiplication contents. The Selenium offers a selection of choices to make contents. The simple alternative of account and sparing activities is by utilizing the web application. The test running in a program choice is to utilize web advancement instruments. For example, Firebug, to make contents. It doesn’t the decision of assemble frameworks, announcing instruments, or existing systems. The coordinates will be well with practically all the famous instruments in the market. For example, SauceLabs, Hudson, Selenium-Grid, QMetry, and others.

Selenium is at least somewhat strong. It chips away at working frameworks and backings every one of the programs Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, and Safari. It underpins numerous dialects like Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, and.NET. It isn’t important to utilize Selenium’s very own content dialect to compose test codes. Selenium courses in Bangalore – The fundamental dialect utilized for building up the program. It ought to be the equivalent utilized for building up the web application. The unmatched adaptability bringing the up to this point in fact stacked testing process attractive to non-specialized clients. A structure utilizing Selenium with Cucumber composes mechanization tests in highlight documents. The non-specialized partner is with Cucumber making an interpretation of the tests into Java code. Selenium-RC utilizes JavaScript to dispatch the page and runs the JavaScript sandbox.

Experience superior with Selenium:-

Selenium speeds things up at once. The testing procedure turns into a tedious issue. that engineers disregard testing because of absence of time. Selenium conveys the ability to execute parallel tests, utilizing numerous programs. Selenium’s Integrated Development Environment makes simple to make test tests.

Selenium IDE additionally offers a record-playback apparatus which permits creating contents even without taking in a test scripting dialect. The effortlessness of Selenium implies the apparatus does not offer test the board offices. It doesn’t offer an exhaustive answer for all testing arrangements. It incorporates with outsider applications and dialect ties to fill. Selenium from authorized apparatuses alerts with the need to redevelop the test codes.

A compelling Selenium movement apparatus is accessible with any solid improvement accomplice. It changes over many recorded contents, practical libraries, and calls to Selenium contents. The test contents in Selenium are to meet opportunity from permit and support costs. The numerous favorable circumstances on offer make Selenium is the test robotization device of decision for UI.

6 essential libraries for Python developer


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Whether you are compiling Python for speed, building native UIs for Python desktop apps, or purification existing Python code, these Python comes have you ever coated?

Python has seen wide adoption across industries and disciplines by means of being simple to work with. However it’s also been power-assisted by a wealth of third-party projects—libraries, add-ons, and complementary development efforts—that extend the language to an ever widening vary of use cases.

Some of these come Python Training In Bangalore, like PyInstaller and WxPython, shine for Python developers who are building desktop and end-user apps. Others, like PyPy, are wont to provide server-side Python apps additional oomph. And others, like PBR, CFFI, and MyPy, are helpful for developing every kind of Python apps, despite wherever they could run.

Essential Python: PyPy

What is PyPy used for?

If you wish quicker Python apps, the simplest way to get them is by manner of PyPy, the Python runtime with a just-in-time (JIT) compiler. Python apps JITted with PyPy run on the common 7.5 times quicker than their regular Python counterparts. PyPy 5.9 features

Data science frameworks NumPy and Pandas currently run on PyPy’s Python 2.7-compatible version. Most of the issues around those frameworks stemmed from however PyPy interfaced with existing C code. To handle that, PyPy 5.9 rolled in enhancements to the CFFI library (see below) and PyPy’s Python C API compatibility layer.

Also with the version 5.9 release, PyPy’s JSON programme is currently considerably quicker when processing several kinds of JSON objects, especially those with repeated uses of the same dictionary keys.

Essential Python: CFFI

What is CFFI used for?

The C Foreign function Interface library, or CFFI, provides some way for Python applications to interoperate with standalone C libraries. Though the stock version of Python, CPython, has its own library for this type of work, referred to as Ctypes, CFFI makes interacting with C libraries easier and additional formulation for Python users than Ctypes will.

CFFI 1.11 options

CFFI v1.11, updated in conjunction with PyPy, adds minor however helpful changes. It currently works with betas for the forthcoming Python 3.7, has higher support for external error handling on Windows, and supports additional trendy normal varieties in C, like float/double _Complex and the char16_t and char_32t varieties. Those last 2 are most important for C libraries that use Unicode internally.

Essential Python: PyInstaller

What is PyInstaller used for?

One of the most usually asked questions on Python is, “How am i able to generate a standalone workable from a Python script?” PyInstaller has long been one in all the simplest answers.

PyInstaller 3.3 features

PyInstaller packages a Python app into one directory or single-file executable, bundles any required third-party libraries alongside it, and works with the overwhelming majority of common libraries and frameworks.

The biggest improvement in PyInstaller 3.3 is support for Python 3.6, one thing painfully lacking since Python three.6 arrived. PyInstaller 3.3 conjointly includes a additional broadly compatible bootloader for Windows executables, and expanded support for bundling common libraries like QT, GTK+, NumPy, and Django.

One feature that PyInstaller isn’t probably to feature anytime soon is cross-packaging—e.g., making a Mac-compatible app on Windows. You’ll get to run PyInstaller on identical platform you wish to deploy to, whether or not Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Essential Python: Python Build Reasonableness (PBR)

What is Python PBR used for?

It is the standard-issue on Python subsystem for packaging Python projects. Managing Setuptools for a given project will become fiddly and tedious, particularly when auto-generating necessities, managing documentation files, or piece of writing information on Best Python Training Institute In Marathahalli project contributors.

Python PBR options

PBR, short for Python Build Reasonableness, may be a library for managing Setuptools packaging in a very consistent manner. It automates several aspects of Setuptools packaging, such as version list, generating Authors and ChangeLog files, and manufacturing Sphinx-style documentation. PBR was originally developed as a part of the OpenStack project; however nothing you maintain with PBR must be connected to OpenStack in any manner.

Essential Python: WxPython

What is WxPython used for?

Python developers who need to make cross-platform desktop applications will choose between a numbers of toolkits. WxPython, a wrapper for the WxWidgets library, uses native UI components for its supported host platforms that include Windows, Mac, Linux, and other Unix-like operating systems.

WxPython 4.0 features

Earlier versions of WxPython were weighted down with legacy design choices, creating it slower and fewer appealing to figure with. to fix this, the developers of WxPython have created major changes to WxPython’s 4.0 branch.

The goal is to permit developers to urge started additional quickly with WxPython, and to form each the framework and therefore the applications created with it additional preferment and easier to take care of. Any existing WxPython comes can got to be changed to use WxPython four.0, however.

Essential Python: Mypy

What is Mypy used for?

Python’s dynamism is each a boon and a bother—great for building package quick, however not so nice when it makes code tough to reason concerning, test, and debug. Mypy adds static type checking to Python at compile time, creating Python programs additional consistent and rectifiable however while not adding runtime overhead.

Mypy 0.530 features

Mypy 0.530 adds support for protocols, a currently experimental type feature to be used in Python subclasses. It also adds the “TypedDict” type for dictionaries that are meant to contain only a selected reasonably object, and choices to enable stricter checking of varieties on a file-by-file basis.


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Learning Techniques for Selenium Webdriver with Java Courses for Testers and Developers


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The days of manual testing square measure restricted as additional and additional corporations square measure shifting towards automation testing. This implies all manual checking QAs must learn new test automation skills e.g. Selenium, Cucumber, JUnit, and TestNg to relinquish their career a lift.

If you’re manual checkers or non-programming testers curious about learning test automation, or a freshers/graduates United Nations agency wish to starter motor their career in automating testing then you’ve got return to the correct place. Today’s code development world uses TDD (Test Driven Development) and BDD (Business Driven Development) practices and needs continuous integration and continuous readying victimisation Jenkins and adept. In this article, can share a number of the most effective courses to be told selenium Webdriver with Java and different automation testing technology e.g. JUnit, Cucumber etc.

Automation tester’s square measure required to develop sturdy, clean, and thorough frameworks for regression testing, purposeful testing, and acceptance testing and selenium WebDriver nicely work into things. Selenium could be a powerful tool that permits selenium courses in Bangalore you to perform GUI automation and it supports multiple languages victimisation Driver model. For instance, you’ll use selenium to write down automatic tests on Java, C#, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby.

This means once you recognize selenium, you’re not simply certain to check Java application however additionally you’ll check net application written in any artificial language, although you wish a small amount of programming expertise in this language to write down your tests.

 Selenium Webdriver with Java Courses for Tester:-

In this article, we’ll principally concentrate on selenium with Java driver. Since Java is that the hottest languages to write down server-side applications, it’s additionally become common for automation testing. The demand for testers United Nations agency grasp Java has grownup vastly, notably thanks to demand for automation testing and selenium.

That’s why it additionally vital for Java net developers United Nations agency write JSP pages or GUI victimisation JSF, PrimeFaces or the other technology to be told selenium. If you recognize selenium, you’ll write tests to fully automate your GUI testing e.g. whether or not a specific part is gift, what price its etc.As told you, a small amount of Java information is needed to use selenium for automation testing and that is why several corporations raise Java queries whereas interviewing QA for automation testing.

You don’t have to be a Java knowledgeable to urge employment on automation testing with selenium however you actually would like some Java and programming expertise to truly write and maintain those tests.

That’s why, have enclosed courses on this list that not solely teaches selenium basics however additionally Java ANd JUnit basics that is needed to become an automation tester.In short, selenium could be an excellent talent to be told specific now for each testers and developers. It’s notably vital for manual testers United Nations agency wish to travel on automation testing area.

Complete Step By Step Java for Testers:-

The first course during this list that is to suggest could be a Java course, specially designed for testers. This course solely covers Java and simply the correct quantity of Java that is required for automation, however this course doesn’t cowl selenium WebDriver or the other sort of automation tool.

If you’re coming back from manual testing background then can expect that you just do not know Java and that is why you must enter during this course to be told Java basics initial e.g. a way to structure your program, OOP style principles and Java fundamentals e.g. access modifier, class, objects, and strategies etc.

If you’re a Java developer or a QA United Nations agency is aware of Java then you’ll escape this course and jump to following one that teaches selenium.

Selenium WebDriver with Java – Basics to Advanced& Interview:-

This is one in the entire foremost comprehensive selenium course for Java testers. It not solely teaches Java and selenium however additionally many different key technologies needed on the approach e.g. Maven, TestNG, Cucumber, Jenkins, and work framework like Log4j. It is a good course for manual developers United Nations agency wish to maneuver into Automation testing. You may learn all the required talent in only one course.

It additionally teaches you vital automation testing skills e.g. Cloud Testing with Selenium-Sauce Labs, load testing, performance testing and defect chase tools like Bugzilla.

The course additionally prepares yours for interviews. You may realize loads of helpful selenium interview queries, each basic and advanced level during this course. In short, one in the entire foremost complete course to be told automation testing for manual testers.

Selenium Webdriver with Java (Basics + Advance + Architect):-

It is another through in-depth course on selenium and connected technology. It covers virtually everything you wish to become impressive automation testers e.g. selenium IDE and WebDriver with all Advance level ideas, selenium GRID, JUnit, TestNG, ANT, Report generation, batch execution technologies.

It additionally covers essential development tools like SVN, Maven, Git, Github, continuous integration tools like Jenkins and BDD framework like Cucumber. It additionally covers Appium, Selendroid and iOS driver for doing automation testing for mobile apps.

Most importantly Selenium Training in Bangalore covers Core Java basics as a result of while not that each one of those won’t build any sense. In short, an ideal course for manual Testers United Nations agency needs to change to Automation testing and Automation testers United Nations agency wish to reinforce their current skills. Even selenium RC Users United Nations agency would like to migrate their comes in WebDriver also can get pleasure from this course.

That’s all concerning a number of the most effective courses to be told selenium Webdriver with Java. If you’re a manual tester United Nations agency needs to travel into automation testing then you need to learn selenium. It is a useful gizmo that provides complete GUI automation testing. Automation testing QAs in nice demand and additional and additional corporations are hiring QAs United Nations agency is aware of Java and selenium.

Top Python Interview Questions And Answers


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Top Python Interview Questions And Answers

What is Python?

Python is a high-level, interpreted, dynamic, interactive and object-oriented scripting language. Python is intended to be highly readable. It uses English keywords frequently where as alternative languages use punctuation, and it’s fewer syntactic constructions than alternative languages.

What is the aim of PYTHONPATH setting variable?

PYTHONPATH − it’s a job almost like PATH. This variable tells the Python interpreter wherever to find the module files foreign into a program. It ought to include the Python source library directory and the directories containing Python source code. PYTHONPATH is usually planned by the Python Training in Bangalore  Python installer.

What area unit the supported information varieties in Python?

Python has 5 commonplace information varieties

  • Numbers
  • String
  • List
  • Tuple
  • Dictionary

How is memory managed in Python?

  1. Python memory is managed by Python private heap area. All Python objects and information structures are situated in a private heap. The software engineer doesn’t have an access to the current private heap and interpreter takes care of this Python private heap.
  2. The allocation of Python heap space for Python objects is completed by Python memory manager. The core API offers access to some tools for the software engineer to code.
  3. Python even have an inbuilt garbage collector that recycle all the unused memory and frees the memory and makes it on the market to the heap space.

Whenever Python exits, why isn’t all the memory de-allocated?

Whenever Python exits, particularly those Python modules that area unit having circular references to alternative objects or the objects that are documented from the worldwide namespaces aren’t invariably de-allocated or freed.

It is not possible to de-allocate those parts of memory that are reserved by the C library.

What is dictionary in Python?

The built-in data types in Python is termed dictionary. It defines one-to-one relationship between keys and values. Dictionaries contain combine of keys and their corresponding values. Dictionaries are indexed by keys.

What are negative indexes and why are they used?

The sequences in Python are indexed and it consists of the positive furthermore as negative numbers. The numbers that are positive uses ‘0’ that’s uses as 1st index and ‘1’ because the second index and therefore the method goes on like that.

The index for the negative range starts from ‘-1’ that represents the last index within the sequence and ‘-2’ because the penultimate index and therefore the sequence carries forward just like the positive range.

The negative index is employed to get rid of any new-line spaces from the string and permit the string to except the last character that’s given as S[:-1]. The negative index is additionally wont to show the index to represent the string in correct order.

What is the distinction between vary & xrange?

For the foremost half, xrange and vary are the precise same in terms of practicality. They each offer some way to come up with a listing of integers for you to use, but you please. the sole distinction is that vary returns a Python list object and x vary returns an xrange object.

This means that xrange will not truly generate a static list at run-time like vary does. It creates the values as you wish them with a special technique referred to as yielding. this method is employed with a kind of object called generators. Meaning that if you have got a very large vary you’d prefer to generate a listing for, say one billion, xrange is that the operate to use.

This is very true if you have got a very memory sensitive system like a mobile phone that you simply are operating with  Python class in Bangalore marathahalli, as vary can use the maximum amount memory because it will to form your array of integers, which might end in a Memory Error and crash your program. It’s a memory hungry beast.

What is pickling and unpickling?

Pickle module accepts any Python object and converts it into a string illustration and dumps it into a file by victimization dump operate, this method is termed pickling. whereas the method of retrieving original Python objects from the hold on string illustration is termed unpickling.

What is map operating in Python?

map operate executes the operate given because the 1st argument on all the weather of the iterable given because the second argument. If the operate given takes in additional than one arguments, then several iterables are given. #Follow the link to grasp a lot of similar functions

What is a Python module?

A module could be a Python script that usually contains import statements, functions, categories and variable definitions, and Python runnable code and it “lives” file with a ‘.py’ extension. Nada files and DLL files can even be modules.Inside the module, you’ll be able to see the module name as a string that’s hold on within the international variable name.

Name the File-related modules in Python?

Python provides libraries / modules with functions that change you to govern text files and binary files on classification system. Victimization them you’ll be able to produce files, update their contents, copy, and delete files. The libraries are: os, os.path, and shutil.

What is the distinction between NumPy and SciPy?

  1. In a perfect world, NumPy would contain nothing however the array information sort and therefore the most elementary operations: categorization, sorting, reshaping, basic part wise functions, et cetera.
  2. All numerical code would reside in SciPy. However, one in all NumPy’s necessary goals is compatibility; therefore NumPy tries to retain all options supported by either of its predecessors.
  3. So NumPy contains some algebra functions, despite the fact that these lot of properly belong in SciPy. In any case, SciPy contains a lot of fully-featured versions of the algebra modules, furthermore as several alternative numerical algorithms.
  4. If you’re doing scientific computing with python, you ought to most likely install each NumPy and SciPy. Most new options belong in SciPy instead of NumPy.


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Selenium Testing – Python Selenium WebDriver Environment Setup


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In this post, we will predominantly talk about Python Selenium WebDriver setup required to begin composing python selenium contents. Selenium WebDriver can communicate with a wide range of Web programs accessible like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome.

Selenium WebDriver is a standout amongst the most mainstream test computerization instrument for Web UI Automation. This Web UI Automation incorporates programmed execution of the activities performed in an internet browser window like exploring to a site, tapping on connections and catches, filling frames with content boxes, check boxes, radio catches and drop downs, exploring through pages, dealing with pop-ups, etc.

Selenium is an open source library and is accessible in various programming dialects to play out the Web UI Automation testing. Python is one of the selenium bolstered dialect. Selenium WebDriver library for Python empowers to use every one of the highlights accessible with Selenium WebDriver to perform computerized testing Selenium Training in Bangalore of program based applications.

Python Selenium WebDriver library is good with all Python variants from Python2.6 to most recent adaptations. The following are the 4 stages that should be pursued to setup condition for Python Selenium WebDriver.

  • Install Python
  • Install Selenium WebDriver Package for Python
  • Select and setup Python Editor
  • Download Browser drivers

Introduce Python:

Python is as a matter of course introduced on Linux disseminations, MAC OS X, and Unix machines. Anyway it should be introduced independently on Windows machines.

Python installer likewise introduces <pip> device which is Python’s bundle administrator. It encourages the establishment of other required bundles like Selenium Webdriver.

Introduce Selenium WebDriver Package for Python:

There are two diverse approaches to set up Selenium Webdriver with Python.

First technique, use <pip> installer instrument to introduce python.

  • pip introduce selenium

This methodology is favored among every one of the techniques accessible for introducing Selenium with Python. The above directions will set up the Selenium WebDriver library on the framework with all modules and classes required to make robotized test contents utilizing Python.

The <pip> apparatus will naturally download the most recent rendition of the Selenium bundle and introduce it on your machine. To download explicit forms of selenium variant, use beneath order.

  • pip introduce selenium==3.11.0

There is a discretionary – U signal; passing this banner will redesign the current form of the introduced bundle to the most recent adaptation.

  • pip introduce – U selenium

Second strategy is to physically download source code and run setup python content accessible inside source code organizer.

Download the compress document, extricate the source, go into the envelope and keep running underneath direction.

  • python setup.py introduce

Select and setup Python Editor:

After Python and Selenium WebDriver set up, next essential advance is to either pick an editorial manager or an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for composing the test contents. A decent manager or an IDE makes coding basic and codes quicker with its in-fabricated highlights.

What do we anticipate from an IDE?

  • GUI based code manager with Code Completion highlight
  • Punctuation featuring highlight
  • Code voyager for capacities and classes
  • Refactoring
  • Choice for overseeing venture structure
  • Troubleshooting devices
  • Unit testing support

Word processors like Vim, Notepad or Subulime Text can be utilized to compose the Python test contents. Be that as it may, IDEs are progressively advantageous to take a shot at huge tasks.

A portion of the well known Python IDEs for advancement:

  1. PyCharm
  2. PyDev
  3. Visual Studio
  4. Spyder

Download Browser drivers:

The greatest change in Selenium as of late has been the consideration of the WebDriver API. Driving a program locally as a client would either locally or on a remote machine utilizing the Selenium Server it denotes a jump forward regarding program mechanization.

Selenium WebDriver fits in indistinguishable job from RC did, and has fused the first 1.x ties. It alludes to both the dialect ties and Selenium courses in Bangalore the executions of the individual program controlling code. This is generally alluded to as just “WebDriver” or once in a while as Selenium 2.

Selenium 1.0 + WebDriver = Selenium 2.0

WebDriver is structured in a more straightforward and increasingly brief programming interface alongside tending to a few constraints in the Selenium-RC API. WebDriver is a conservative Object Oriented API when contrasted with Selenium1.0

It drives the program substantially more adequately and conquers the impediments of Selenium 1.x which influenced our utilitarian test inclusion, similar to the document transfer or download, pop-ups and exchange obstruction WebDriver defeats the confinement of Selenium RC’s Single Host birthplace approach. You can download webdriver executable from particular program driver vaults.