5 reasons to utilize Selenium in Automation testing


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Selenium has created as a champion among the most surely understood electronic testing instruments for a grouping of utilizations and locales ensuring an immaculate customer experience. Selenium can address the reliable changes melded into applications and locales with an arrangement of projects they should tackle.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is an open source robotization testing instrument that can without a lot of an extend automate web application. It is furthermore fit for automating our helpful testing endeavors. Selenium is a course of action of programming gadgets which offers particular levels of help for test automation. Selenium consolidates contraptions like WebDriver, Selenium Remote Control, Selenium IDE, and Selenium-Grid. As indicated by the wander need, perhaps two or three gadgets can basically wind up being adequate.

Why selenium?

The clarification behind the conspicuousness of Selenium can dominatingly be credited to the flexibility and faultlessness fulfilled through the mechanical assemblies it offers. It is flawless with a wide variety of projects and offers marvellous versatility to form content contents as well. Furthermore, Selenium gives effective help to a collection of programming lingos, including C#, Java, Python, and Ruby. For sure, even just a basic learning of any of this tongue is adequate to work with Selenium. Here underneath we would watch the key points of interest of the gadget.

  • To the exclusion of everything else, Selenium is extremely pragmatic in light of the fact that it is an open source instrument with pro audit features.
  • Selenium can be outlined viably.
  • Selenium has the ability to take a shot at for all intents and purposes each Operating System.
  • Selenium reinforces an extent of projects like Safari, Chrome, Firefox and IE.
  • Selenium reinforces diverse tongues, for instance, Python, Java, Ruby, PHP and.Net.
  • One essential component of Selenium is that the tongue used for building the program is independent of the lingo that the web application is using. This recommends the test content can be made in any of the lingos that Selenium supports.
  • With the use of Selenium, it is possible to execute synchronous tests using distinctive projects on various machines. This is turn cleaves down the perfect open door for test execution when a huge wander is ahead of time.
  • Selenium is exceedingly versatile and adaptable instrument for different sorts and volumes of necessities.
  • Selenium has an amazingly novel creator amass that is bolstered by Google.
  • Selenium offers assistance for joining of open source structure like TestNG, JUnit, and BDD-Cucumber etc.
  • With Selenium, you can basically release the best testing yield with slightest cost and desire to retain data

In current example of IoT, a conclusion to end system blend testing is winding up doubtlessly especially fundamental. To achieve 100% robotization of such end to end testing can be proficient using Selenium since Selenium organizes extraordinarily well with Java, Python, which manages each and every basic piece of IoT courses of action.

5 Reasons to utilize Selenium for Automate Functional Tests:-

  1. Stage Portability:

Testing is a repetitive strategy. The littlest change in code must be endeavoured to ensure that the item is giving the desired helpfulness and result. Repeating tests physically is a dreary and excessive process. Motorized tests can be run slowly at no additional costs. Selenium is an outstandingly helpful instrument that continues running on various stages and moreover programs. It subsequently allows computerization fabricates the effortlessness of making code without obsessing about the phase on which it will run.

  1. Vernacular Support:

Writing computer programs is created in different lingos. One of the troubles stood up to by means of robotized analysers is consolidating the computerization devices with the change condition for CI. With Selenium ties for Java, .NET, Ruby, Perl, Python, PHP, Groovy and JavaScript, it is definitely not hard to fuse with the headway condition.

  1. Remote Control/Selenium Grid:

The remote control server of Selenium empowers automation analysers to make a test structure that is spread over different zones (tallying cloud) to drive the contents on a tremendous plan of projects.

  1. Versatility:

Programming engineers much of the time need to keep the testing free inside the program itself. These tests can be regrouped and refactored as desired. This in this way empowers lively changes to code, reducing duplication and improving common sense. The flexibility of Selenium empowers programming specialists to supervise tests better.

  1. Open Source Advantage:

Being open source programming, Selenium empowers customers to share, enlarge, and alter the available code. This can save programming engineers a considerable measure of time and effort and finally augment ROI. Using custom limits considers better intelligibility and sensibility of test code.

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6 Approaches TO Sort Out YOUR CSS

So you’re beginning with CSS, and you’re having a little inconvenience keeping it composed. All things considered, CSS has an intrinsic association strategy that is right in the name: The Course.


Pretty much every manual for sorting out your CSS begins here, and all things considered: it gives you a chance to place everything into one major old template. Truly, I comprehend what I just said above; listen to me. The more CSS documents web designing courses in Bangalore you connect to in your HTML, the more HTTP asks for your program makes. This backs things off a bit. At any rate, it’s more work for the processor. The @import rule inconsistent CSS has a similar issue.

With a pre-processor, you can isolate your CSS into the same number of various documents and organizers as you require (more on that next), and arrange them all into one record for the program when you spare. It’s the better of the two Web Designing Courses Bangalore universes. I would prescribe beginning a test venture with Sass (currently the most famous CSS pre-processor) to discover how it works.

  1. CSS Records FOR Singular PAGES

Here’s a tip for littler locales: have a different CSS petition for each page. This is particularly valuable in those locales where each page has an alternate design. The straightforward reality that you don’t need to look past the CSS for different pages when searching for the CSS you need is a colossal efficiency support. Dealing with the “About Page”? Simply open about-page.css and go.

  1. CSS Records FOR COMPLEX AND Rehashing Segments

Presently this works the same for littler and bigger locales: on the off chance that you have something that is intricate — like a favor slideshow on the landing page — give it its own CSS document. Try not to place it in the same CSS record as your landing page. The same goes for any components you may use on more than one page: the header, the route, the footer, a picture exhibition, or what-have-you.

It’s not just about sorting out your code. In the event that you keep the code for these components particular and autonomous from any page-particular styles, it’s less demanding to reuse them. Talking about which:

  1. Separate IT FURTHER

Coding CSS for extensive, complex locales (think web-based business, or something comparatively gigantic) is extreme. Coding them in a group is an entire distinctive ballgame. In case you’re notwithstanding going to consider something like this, you will require a radical better approach for contemplating outline. It separates outline components into five classifications:

  1. Atoms
  2. Molecules
  3. Organisms
  4. Templates
  5. Pages

Molecules are singular components like catches, content fields, et cetera. In this case, Atoms would resemble a frame made of the content sources of info and catches. Life forms are a bigger accumulation of atoms like a page header, et cetera.

How does this identity with CSS? You can compose your CSS similarly: concentrate on the molecules first. Have a template devoted to the fundamental styles of shapes. Another for fundamental typography. Hell, I do that in little tasks, as well. At that point, you can make isolate templates for Creatures, and notwithstanding for some more mind-boggling Particles.

It’s a considerable measure of independent CSS records; yet the speedier you can discover the code you need to take a shot at, the better.

  1. Dodge CLASS-ITIS

What is class-its? It’s an appalling illness that powers the client to utilize the class= property like the style= characteristic. The poor souls who have this infection are fundamentally recreating the way we used to get things done in the times of table formats. Their code looks somewhat like this:

It’s exceptionally miserable. What’s more, more terrible, this malady can be transmitted by a portion of the bigger CSS systems, and even some CSS philosophies (which is one reason I’m not tending to them, much). See, regardless of what trait you’re utilizing, in case you’re composing your styles in the HTML documents, you’re treating it terribly. It’s unmaintainable, particularly as locales get bigger.

  1. Limit Profundity

Presently here’s the place I specify the one CSS approach I really like: SMACSS. Here’s a thought straight from them that shows why: profundity of relevance.

Presently what the hell does that mean? Well, recall how I said to abstain from utilizing an excessive number of classes? Well on the off chance that you take that too far and endeavor to abstain from utilizing them by any means, you’ll wind up an almost disjointed chaos of copied CSS rules, similar to so:

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Detail Description about Java Arrays

An array in java is a container that can hold fixed number of values of same type. The values can be of primitive type like int, short, byte or it can be an object like String, Integer etc.

How to initialize an Array in Java

An array can be one dimensional or it can be multidimensional also. When we invoke length of an array, it returns the number of rows in array or the value of left most dimension.

We can initialize array using new keyword or using shortcut syntax which creates and initialize array at the same time.

When we create an array using new operator, we need to provide it’s dimensions. For multidimensional arrays, we can provide all the dimensions or only the left most dimension of the array.

Normally, array is a collection of similar type of elements that have contiguous memory location.

Java array is an object the contains elements of similar data type. It is a data structure where we store similar elements. We can store only fixed set of elements in a java array.

Array in java is index based, first element of the array is stored at 0 index.

Advantage of Java Array

  • Code Optimization: It makes the code optimized, we can retrieve or sort the data easily.
  • Random access: We can get any data located at any index position.


Disadvantage of Java Array

  • Size Limit: We can store only fixed size of elements in the array. It doesn’t grow its size at runtime. To solve this problem, collection framework is used in java.

Types of Array in java

There are two types of array.

  • Single Dimensional Array
  • Multidimensional Array

Two Dimensional Array in Java

So we can define a two dimensional array of primitive data types as well as objects.

Java Array of ArrayList

Notice that we can’t use generics while creating the array because java doesn’t support generic array. it will produce compile time error as “Cannot create a generic array of List<String>”.

Java ArrayList of Object Array

If you are not sure about the type of objects in the array or you want to create an arraylist of arrays that can hold multiple types, then you can crate an ArrayList of object array.

Java varargs

Java varargs was introduced in Java 1.5. Java varargs is also known as java variable arguments.

Java varargs

varargs in java enables a method to accept variable number of arguments. We use three dots (…) also known as ellipsis in the method signature to make it accept variable arguments.

Important points about varargs in java

Few points to know about varargs in java are;

  1. We can have only one varargs in the method.
  2. Only the last argument of a method can be varargs.
  3. According to java documentation, we should not overload a varargs method. We will see why it’s not a good idea.

How java varargs work?

When we invoke a method with variable arguments, java compiler matches the arguments from left to right. Once it reaches to the last varargs parameter, it creates an array of the remaining arguments and pass it to the method. In fact varargs parameter behaves like an array of the specified type.

Java String to String Array Example

Sometimes we need to split String to String arrays based on delimiters or some regular expression. For example, reading a CSV file line and parsing them to get all the data to String array.

String class split(String regex) can be used to convert String to String array in java, if you are working with java regular expression, you can use Pattern class split(String regex) method also.

Java Array add elements

How to add elements to an array in java? We know that java array add elements is not supported because size of an Array in java is fixed. We have to provide size of the array when we initialize array in java.

How to sort an Array in Java

Java Array is like a container that can hold fixed number of same type of items, it can be primitive types as well as Objects.

Sometimes we need to sort array in java, we will use Arrays class to sort the array.


Java String Array to String


Java String array to String. Sometimes we have to convert String array to String for specific requirements. For example; we want to log the array contents or we need to convert values of String array to String and invoke other methods.

Java String Array to String

Most of the time we invoke toString() method of an Object to get the String representation. Let’s see what happens when we invoke toString() method on String array in java.

So how to convert String array to String in java. We can use Arrays.toString method that invoke the toString() method on individual elements and use StringBuilder to create String.

We can also create our own method to convert String array to String if we have some specific format requirements.

How to Get Started with the Selenium Automation Framework

Selenium is a free mechanized testing suite and not a solitary apparatus. Each device of the Selenium cooks unmistakable testing needs of an organization.

The product advancement segment ordinarily considers robotized testing to spare the bills of manual testing. In this post, experts will discuss Selenium robotization testing instrument and its points of interest, since the cost of testing is a basic factor for any product improvement venture; organizations have begun offering inclination to open source test mechanization instruments as opposed to putting resources into costly business testing apparatuses. Without permitting costs, open source mechanization testing apparatuses offer focused highlights. These highlights are utilized by engineers for robotizing the testing of programming applications and online interfaces.

Designers can have a whole scope of open source robotization testing devices for a wide range of testing like utilitarian, UAT, Web and execution. By receiving a test mechanization structure, ventures can essentially expand the speed and precision of programming testing, give a higher rate of profitability (ROI), and efficiently limit chance.

Key advantages of receiving a computerization system :

A system characterizes the association’s method for getting things done. A test computerization system gives a standard to disentangling the mechanization exertion. The final product is a lessening in programming testing expenses and upkeep costs.

  • The capacity to test expansive volumes of information on the framework rapidly.
  • Scripting standard will be kept up over the structure in library creation, which incorporates business segments, framework correspondences, information check focuses, lumberjacks, columnists, Selenium Training in Bangalore and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Engineering benefits including expanded code re-utilization, higher versatility, and diminished content upkeep cost, higher code comprehensibility, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Licensing costs are lessened through develop open-source arrangements, for example, Selenium Web Driver.
  • Automated relapse test suites that greatly decrease manual exertion while likewise expanding quality.

Introduction to the Selenium Automation structure :

There are basically three types of structures are made by Selenium WebDriver to automate manual experiments:

  • Data Driven Test Framework
  • Keyword Driven Test Framework
  • Hybrid Test Framework


In information driven system the greater part of our test information is produced from some outside documents like Excel, CSV, XML, or some database table.

In catchphrase driven test structure, every one of the operations and directions are composed in some outside record like Excel worksheet. As indicated by the catchphrases written in Excel record, the system will play out the operation on UI.

Half breed Test system is where one can exploit both watchword and information driven structure. The Selenium system acquires the pith of Hybrid Test structure. This structure contains distinctive segments that give establishment to a robotization system for any web application

Selenium mechanization system parts:

TestNG is a trying structure propelled from JUnit and NUnit, yet presents new usefulness that makes it all the more intense and less demanding to utilize. TestNG experiments are manufactured utilizing TestNG explanations. Each testing class can have different Test case, yet test cases are appropriated on the bundles premise on application modules

Test Data is driven through a testData Excel sheet. Each column of information is devoted to one experiment.

Non specific libraries contains different Java records that help different highlights of the system, as redid detailing, test information bringing, and web driver-particular technique. Any application autonomous reusable strategy, which can be utilized for any activities, for example, Excel Lib, Reporting Lib, Webdriver Common Utill, and Driver Java class can be grouped under Generic Libraries.

Selenium test computerization detailing :

Any computerization without great detailing is of no utilization. When you coordinate Selenium with TestNG, you will get some default reports by Testing which is exceptionally helpful, yet at the same time we can produce custom reports by means of XSLT Reporter.

To produce a XSLT Report in Selenium, underneath are the preconditions:

  • ANT ought to be introduced.
  • At slightest some experiment ought to be executed by TestNG



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Selenium WebDriver for Behaviour-driven Development

Behaviour driven Development (BDD) is a spry programming improvement rehearse that upgrades the worldview of Test Driven Development (TDD) and acknowledgment tests, and energizes the coordinated effort between designers, quality confirmation, space specialists, and partners.

Selenium was conceived in 2004 amid a period where truck heap of sum to be paid to work with the computerization apparatuses, and Selenium was Open source and it is astute choice to run with Selenium on the off chance that you communicate just with web applications. Selenium is light weight apparatus which is little to introduce as far as asset utilization, simple to introduce and simple to utilize. Selenium offers its clients a variety of improvement dialects to look over. Selenium bolsters numerous dialect ties, for example, java, Ruby, Python, php and c# and you require being solace in any one dialect, so it makes analyzer to choose the dialect which is advantageous.

This turns into the very advantageous component to choose the dialect which is free to the applications is been created. Taking other mechanization apparatuses to concern the Selenium has capacity to take a shot at each OS and it bolsters a scope of programs like Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari and Opera. Selenium is suit of instruments and each works without anyone else objective. The least difficult one is Selenium IDE which concentrates on record and playback as different devices and the dialect utilized is called as Selenese.

The claim to fame of IDE is that we can send out that test content to other programming dialects. Selenium webdriver which is eventual fate of computerization apparatus individuals say as. The movement from the considerable computerization apparatus i.e., QTP to Selenium particularly webdriver accounts in 80% expansion in content execution time in single machine. Webdriver plans to mirror the genuine client and in that capacity connects with html of the application. The Webdriver gives an easy to understand API through which client can assemble and keep up a proficient test content. It is conceivable to rapidly add the help to new programs that may be discharged. Webdriver empowers client to perform online versatile testing so it is having a different driver called Android Driver and iphoneDriver.

Selenium Grid is one more instrument in the suit which enables the client to perform parallel content execution, this component makes selenium uncommon. The single content at once can be keep running in various stages which should be possible utilizing an IDE as overshadowing. Selenium bolsters advantageous open source systems, for example, TesNG, Junit , AutoIt and so on. Selenium has a dynamic engineer group that is sponsored by Google. Treatment of Ajax is dependably a testing work, selenium has worked in highlight to deal with by actualizing legitimate synchronize.

Utilizing Cucumber-JVM and Selenium WebDriver in Java for BDD:-

BDD/ATDD is ending up broadly acknowledged practice in spry programming advancement, and Cucumber-JVM is a standard apparatus used to execute this training in Java. Cucumber-JVM depends on Cucumber system, generally utilized as a part of Ruby on Rails world.

Cucumber-JVM permits designers, QA, and non-specialized or business members to compose highlights and situations in a plain content document utilizing Gherkin dialect with insignificant limitations about punctuation in a normal Given, When, and after that structure.

This element record is then upheld by a stage definition document, which actualizes computerized ventures to execute the situations written in a component record. Aside from testing APIs with Cucumber-JVM, we can likewise test UI level tests by consolidating Selenium WebDriver.

In this formula, we will utilize Cucumber-JVM, Maven, and Selenium WebDriver for actualizing tests for the store exchange include from a web based managing an account application.

Getting ready:-

  1. Create another Maven venture named FundTransfer in Eclipse.
  2. Add the conditions to POM.XML:

The most effective method to do it…

Play out the accompanying strides for making BDD/ATDD tests with Cucumber-JVM:

  1. Select the FundTransfer venture in Package Explorer in Eclipse. Select and right-tap on src/test/assets in Package Explorer. Select New | Package from the menu to include another bundle
  2. Enter fundtransfer.test in the Name: textbox and tap on the Finish catch.
  3. Add another document to this bundle. Name this document as fundtransfer.feature
  4. Add the Fund Transfer highlight and situations to this document:
  5. Select and right-tap on src/test/java in Package Explorer. Select New | Package from menu to include another Package
  6. Create a class named FundTransferStepDefs in the recently made bundle.
  7. Create a help class RunCukesTest which will characterize the Cucumber-JVM arrangements:
  8. To run the tests in Maven life cycle select the FundTransfer venture in Package Explorer. Right-tap on the undertaking name and select Run As | Maven test. Expert will execute every one of the tests from the task.
  9. At the finish of the test, a HTML report will be created
  10. To view this report open index.html in the target\cucumber-htmlreport envelope:

How it functions…

Making tests in Cucumber-JVM includes three noteworthy advances: composing an element document, executing robotized steps utilizing the progression definition record, and making bolster code as required.

For composing highlights, Cucumber-JVM utilizes 100 percent Gherkin sentence structure. The element record depicts the element and after that the situations to test the component:

You can compose the same number of situations as expected to test the element in the element document. The situation area contains the name and ventures to execute the characterized situation alongside test information required to execute that situation with the application

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The Importance of Java in Today’s World

Java is a standout amongst the most famous programming language used to make Web applications and stages. It was intended for adaptability, enabling engineers to compose code that would keep running on any machine, paying little respect to design or stage

Java is utilized to assemble applications and stages for various gadgets, including PCs, portable PCs, gaming supports, Blu-beam players, auto route frameworks, therapeutic checking gadgets, stopping meters, lottery terminals and cell phones. It is likewise a key dialect for systems administration, especially for server farms that store and exchange Web-based information.


In light of a C and C++-based punctuation, Java is question situated and class-based. Engineers embrace and utilize Java since code can be run safely on almost some other stage, paying little heed to the working framework or design of the gadget, as long as the gadget has a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) introduced. The JRE shifts relying upon the particular sort of gadget, however basically it runs a “virtual” machine, or condition, that makes an interpretation of the code into an application or program.

Java and JavaScript:

Despite the fact that their names are very comparative and they are both used to make dynamic instruments and diversions on a Web page, Java and JavaScript are distinctive dialects. Java is more hearty and can be utilized as the sole programming dialect for an application, while JavaScript is a lightweight scripting dialect that includes usefulness – like a Java applet – onto a Web page.


Java is additionally used to make smaller than usual, dynamic projects that keep running close by or are inserted inside Web pages. These projects are called applets and can be utilized to show maps, climate, recreations or other intuitive gadgets or instruments on a Web page.

Java Testing:

Java Testing incorporates testing of Java/J2EE applications amid advancement cycle. Finding and settling execution issues amid source code advancement time is ostensibly the least expensive approach to determine issues. As your undertaking goes past the improvement stage, in to testing and sending, the cost of settling issues develops exponentially. Java Testing guarantees that the Problems in source code are tended to as and when you are creating.

Java Testing likewise incorporates producing test classes for your source code and executing it with various parameters guaranteeing that your source works fine in every single conceivable situation. Java Testing guarantees completely useful, very clever test classes that comprehend your application and test your source documents altogether. Java Training In Bangalore. A large portion of the applications today are outlined and created for concurrent use by an extensive number of clients. Now and again there are fundamental issues in the code, which may cause mistake conditions, for example, Memory spills, Race conditions, Thread locks, making the application back off or even crash. Java Testing guarantees that the application is accessible, dependable, and versatile and makes the most ideal utilization of the accessible assets. Java Testing normally can be ordered into following vital modules:

  • Java Code Testing: Java Code Testing includes testing your java source code against industry standard coding decides and guaranteeing that your java source is steady, advanced, predictable, and convenient and is consistent with coding measures. Computerized Java Code Testing is more proficient and fewer mistakes inclined when contrasted with manual code audits. Java Code Testing finishes an exhaustive and precise audit that checks for every single characterized case. A computerized Java Code Testing supports improvement, spares cost and upgrades the application quality by playing out a test capacity or code audit with more noteworthy consistency and in substantially lesser time. Performing such exact surveys physically is tedious, dull and costly. Robotized Java Code testing likewise gives the capacity and adaptability to a venture supervisor to implement coding models and factual quality control measures. The pointers of code size, unpredictability, and thickness can be processed utilizing robotized Java Code testing, which helps in the quality control of the code.

Mechanized Code testing of java source can be actualized utilizing AppPerfect Java Code Test. Java Training In Bangalore  AppPerfect Java Code Test offers you an assortment of choices to test and streamline your application and influence it to free of bugs and issues. AppPerfect Java Code Test is static Java code investigation programming intended to play out the two key undertakings: Automate Java Code survey and Enforce Good Java Coding Practices. AppPerfect Java Code Test can break down your Java and Java Server Pages (JSP) source code and actualizes more than 750 Java coding principles to check your code for consistency, versatility, steadiness, advancement and coding measures.

Java has increased colossal notoriety since it initially showed up. Its fast rising and wide acknowledgment can be followed to its plan and programming highlights, especially in its guarantee that you can compose a program once, and run it anyplace. Java was picked as the programming dialect for arrange PCs (NC) and has been seen as an all inclusive front end for the undertaking database. As expressed in Java dialect white paper by Sun Microsystems: “Java is a straightforward, protest situated, circulated, translated, powerful, secure, design unbiased, convenient, multithreaded, and dynamic.”


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Learning Php For Word Press Improvement: A Thorough Guide

While this post is gone for fledglings, it presumes you’ve tinkered with Word Press earlier and you know fundamental HTML. I will expect that you know how to alter WordPress documents and you’ve investigated a WordPress subject record – regardless of whether you didn’t comprehend what’s happening.

The Programming Dialects Of WordPress

WordPress likewise utilizes HTML, CSS, and Javascript. HTML is utilized to give your site structure and is utilized by all sites. CSS helps style your HTML structure. CSS influences your experience to white, your content dim dark and positions the PHP classes in Bangalore sidebar on the right. Javascript includes propelled highlights like sliders and other intuitive highlights.

At last, WordPress additionally utilizes MySQL, which is in charge of questioning the database. MySQL is utilized to recover the last 10 posts or all posts in a specific class from the database.

A Note From Somebody Who’s Experienced Everything

As I specified, I learned through instructional exercises, documentation, crafted by others – I’ve been the place you are currently, and I experienced every one of the stages you will. The trouble with programming does not originate from the many-sided quality of the dialects included. At the point when separated into segments, all that you learn is simple.

This is all superbly typical. Each and every effective developer has felt this current, PHP training in Bangalore it’s not simply you. I guarantee that in the event that you keep at it, you’ll have the capacity to code a subject in the blink of an eye.

What WordPress isn’t

It is imperative to understand that in fact there is no such thing as “WordPress coding” and “WordPress code.” WordPress is a group of code written in PHP. Joomla and Drupal (two other substance administration frameworks) are likewise composed in PHP.

The similarity to the save! Saying “WordPress code” resembles saying “BMW Auto.” A BMW, a Panther, and a Nissan are on the whole autos – they are altogether worked with nuts, screws, and welding. The distinction between them is the means by which they are assembled, the plan theories and the gathering rehearses.

WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and the various frameworks and systems out there are altogether worked with similar parts. The contrast between them is the coding rationality and philosophies they utilize.

How PHP Functions

As I said before, PHP is a server-side scripting dialect. Conversely, HTML is a customer side dialect. We should examine HTML initially to comprehend what this implies.

The way your program translates HTML code is the accompanying: When you visit an HTML page the HTML code is sent to your program. Your program forms the data and releases something you perceive as a website page.

At the point when your program visits a page that utilizes PHP, a transitional advance is utilized. To start with the PHP code is prepared by the server. The aftereffect of this preparing is an HTML page, which is then sent to your program and showed to you.

PHP in WordPress

In view of that last passage, you can perceive PHP wherever in WordPress. How about we open the content.php from the Twenty Fourteen default topic and investigate. This record is in charge of showing the substance of blog entries in the topic.

Instructions to Level Up in WordPress Programming

Odds are you would prefer not to invest weeks swimming through PHP documentation and finding out about everything starting from the earliest stage. You should do this, however, I likewise prescribe you try however much as could reasonably be expected.

Need to move the rundown of labels from the base of the article to the best? The the_tags() work at the base of the content.php record looks encouraging.

In the first place, we should erase it together. At that point, when you spare and invigorate the page, the label list is gone. This is awesome; it implies this is without a doubt the capacity that yields the labels. Presently simply duplicate it and glue it into different parts of the document to see where it winds up.

Adapting Terrible Practices

One downside of this strategy is that you will utilize awful practices. While my suggestion that you duplicate glue the the_tags() capacity to the highest point of the document someplace works, the HTML for the footer, which utilizes the footer tag, will require some alteration to influence it great to code.

When you have a decent working information of the code behind WordPress, you can begin un-taking in your awful practices and you can begin considering coding examples and making sense of why we do things the way we do.

A Review Of Essential WordPress Code

WordPress has various “subsystems, for example, the circle which controls the posts appeared, snares which enable you to change default usefulness, different APIs and obviously topics and modules. I’ll give a concise prologue to a portion of the greater frameworks you may experience.

The Question and the Circle

The question is the framework that “knows” which presents on appearing on a page and the circle is the part that really experiences each post and shows them. For instance, on your landing page, the inquiry searches for the 10 latest posts. On a classification file page, the question searches for the 10 latest posts from the given class. The inquiry is even utilized on single pages where it looks into a solitary post in the database.

Additionally Perusing

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Using Selenium and Java for Database testing

As we probably aware each application needs to keep up a database to store every one of its information. Selenium Webdriver is utilized for testing web applications and we perform numerous operations like submitting data and a few times recovering data and approve them.

In selenium contents, when there is a need of getting the Data from the database we may need to utilize APIs which communicates with database like JDBC. Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is a Java API which is utilized to associate and collaborate with Database.

For what reason do we utilize JDBC rather ODBC?

ODBC is produced and written in C, which is stage Independent. Whereas JDBC API is a detail gives set of interfaces which are composed and created in Java programming dialect.

How to connect to database utilizing JDBC?

The beneath are the Steps to Connect to database, before continuing, you need MySQL Connector. You can download from here Download MySQL Connector Jar and include it the construct way as we include selenium webdriver jar.

  • Load and Registering the Driver
  • Setting up Connection.
  • Making Statement Object
  • Execute the Statement
  • Shutting the association.
  1. Load and Register the Driver:

For enrolling the Driver we Load the Driver class utilizing forName() strategy. forName() is the static manufacturing plant strategy which is available in predefined class called “Class”. This strategy stacks the class which is specified as parameter.

Class.forName(“com.mysql.jdbc.Driver”);//class.forName stack the Driver class

Inside this Driver class will enlist the driver by utilizing static strategy called registerDriver().

  1. Building up Connection:

For building up association with database we call static strategy called getConnection(…) introduce in DriverManager Class. This technique contains three contentions of string sort. i.e., url, username and secret key


URL contains “jdbc(main protocol):mysql(sub convention for mySql)://localhost:3306(sub name for mysql (host:prot))/Employee(database)” and this strategy return sort is Connection Object ie., Association


  1. Making Statement Object:

For making articulation question we have to call a strategy called createStatement() which is available in Connection Interface.


What’s more, this strategy returns Statement question and it is no contention technique.

statement st= con.createStatement();

4.Executing Queries:

For executing inquiries there are distinctive techniques exhibit in Statement Interface for recovering records and for refreshing records.

Recovering records:

for executing select queries(for bringing records) we call a strategy called executeQuery(String qry) by taking string as parameter.

st.executeQuery(“Select * from Employee”);

This strategy returns ResultSet protest.

Resultset rs= st.executeQuery(“Select * from Employee”);//once executeQuery() executes the inquiry and stores the records in to ResultSet question.

Presently we have to get the records from ResultSet question. To get to the resultset protest it utilizes a strategy called next() which displays in ResultSet Interface.

Naturally Resultset reference ‘rs’ focuses to before first column. it moves rs to next line and returns genuine. When it returns genuine we recover the information in first column. next() returns false when rs focuses to after the last column. this next() will rehashes the execution utilizing while circle till it returns false.

Refreshing records:

To refresh records in a table we utilize a technique called executeUpdate(String str) which returns whole number an incentive as what number of records have been refreshed.

  1. Shutting the Connection:

When execution of all announcements were finished we have to close every one of the associations by utilizing strategy called close() show in Connection interface

There are fundamentally two things that we should need to test to confirm database with Selenium.

To begin with, in the wake of making any activity in the web application (Front-end), we might need to check the database if every one of the subtle elements we submitted are put away effectively. Presently for instance, while making a record, we will enter a few information email Id, username and so forth. To ensure a record is made, we can check record made in database with every one of the subtle elements client gave.

Other case can resemble, subsequent to playing out any activity, we might need to check the information showed in the UI is right by looking at the Database.

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Java String Manipulation

Why String is immutable in java is one of the popular interview question. String is one of the most used classes in any programming language. We know that String is immutable and final in java and java runtime maintains a String pool that makes it a special class.

Let’s look at some benefits of String immutability, that will help in understanding why String is immutable in java.

  • String pool is possible only because String is immutable in java, this way Java Runtime saves a lot of java heap space because different String variables can refer to same String variable in the pool. If String would not have been immutable, then String interning would not have been possible because if any variable would have changed the value, it would have been reflected to other variables also.
  • If String is not immutable then it would cause severe security threat to the application. For example, database username, password are passed as String to get database connection and in socket programming host and port details passed as String. Since String is immutable it’s value can’t be changed otherwise any hacker could change the referenced value to cause security issues in the application.
  • Since String is immutable, it is safe for multithreading and a single String instance can be shared across different threads. This avoid the usage of synchronization for thread safety, Strings are implicitly thread safe.
  • Strings are used in java classloader and immutability provides security that correct class is getting loaded by Classloader. For example, think of an instance where you are trying to load java.sql.Connection class but the referenced value is changed to myhacked.Connection class that can do unwanted things to your database.
  • Since String is immutable, its hashcode is cached at the time of creation and it doesn’t need to be calculated again. This makes it a great candidate for key in a Map and it’s processing is fast than other HashMap key objects. This is why String is mostly used Object as HashMap keys.

Above are some of the reasons I could think of that shows benefits of String immutability. It’s a great feature of Java String class and makes it special.


What is Java String Pool?

As the name suggests, String Pool in java is a pool of Strings stored in Java Heap Memory. We know that String is special class in java and we can create String object using new operator as well as providing values in double quotes.

String Pool in Java

Here is a diagram which clearly explains how String Pool is maintained in java heap space and what happens when we use different ways to create Strings.

Java String subSequence

Java 1.4 introduced CharSequence interface and String implements this interface, this is the only reason for the implementation of subSequence method in String class. Internally it invokes the String substring method.

String to byte array, byte array to String in Java

Today we will learn how to convert String to byte array in java. We will also learn how to convert byte array to String in java.

String to byte array

We can use String class getBytes() method to encode the string into a sequence of bytes using the platform’s default charset. This method is overloaded and we can also pass Charset as argument.

String to char array, char array to String in Java

String to char array

String is a stream of characters. String class provides a utility method to convert String to char array in java.

String Concatenation in Java

I am sure that you might have heard that we should not use String “+” operator for string concatenation in java. Also we should use StringBuffer or StringBuilder for this purpose. It’s a very common java interview questions and you should be prepared for it.

If you have dug deeper, you might know that String internally uses StringBuffer (till java 1.4) or StringBuilder  for String “+” operator calls.

String Concatenation in java using + operator explained

Here are the steps involved in String concatenation using + operator:

  1. A new StringBuilder object is created
  2. String “Journal” is copied to the newly created StringBuilder object
  3. StringBuilder append() method is called to append “Dev !!” to the object
  4. StringBuilder toString() method is called to get the String object
  5. The new String object reference is assigned to str and older string “Journal” is now available for garbage collection.

String concatenation using append explained

If we are using StringBuffer or StringBuilder object, it’s done in following steps:

  1. A new StringBuffer object is created with value “Journal “
  2. append() method is called to to append “Dev !!” to the object
  3. StringBuffer toString() method is called to get the String object

Clearly second way is less time consuming and use less resources and produces less garbage collection.


Introduction to Selenium Automation

Selenium is an open source innovation for mechanizing program based applications. Selenium is anything but difficult to begin with for basic practical testing of a Web application.

Selenium is an arrangement of various programming instruments each with an alternate way to deal with supporting test robotization. Most Selenium QA Engineers concentrate on the maybe a couple devices that most address the issues of their task, however adapting every one of the apparatuses will give you a wide range of alternatives for moving toward various test mechanization issues. The whole suite of apparatuses brings about a rich arrangement of testing capacities particularly adapted to the necessities of testing of web utilizations of various kinds. These operations are profoundly adaptable, permitting numerous choices for finding UI components and looking at expected test comes about against genuine application conduct.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is a free (open source) computerized testing suite for web applications crosswise over various programs and stages. It is very like HP Quick Test Pro (QTP now UFT) just that Selenium concentrates on robotizing online applications. Testing done utilizing Selenium device is generally alluded as Selenium Testing.

Selenium isn’t only a solitary apparatus yet a suite of software’s, each taking into account distinctive testing needs of an association. It has four parts.

  • Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Selenium Remote Control (RC)
  • WebDriver
  • Selenium Grid

Brief Introduction Selenium IDE

Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is the least complex structure in the Selenium suite and is the most straightforward one to learn. It is a Firefox module that you can introduce as effectively as you can with different modules. In any case, as a result of its effortlessness, Selenium IDE should just be utilized as a prototyping device. In the event that you need to make further developed experiments, you should utilize either Selenium RC or WebDriver.

Brief Introduction WebDriver

The WebDriver ends up being superior to both Selenium IDE and Selenium RC in numerous viewpoints. It actualizes a more current and stable approach in robotizing the program’s activities. Web Driver, not at all like Selenium RC, does not depend on JavaScript for Automation. It controls the program by specifically speaking with it.

Brief Introduction Selenium Remote Control (Selenium RC)

Selenium RC was the leader testing structure of the entire Selenium venture for quite a while. This is the primary computerized web testing device that enabled clients to utilize a programming dialect they lean toward.

  • Java
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Perl
  • Ruby

There are others instrument which can be utilized to computerize both web applications and windows applications like QTP (Quick Test Professional) . As everybody mindful that QTP is Licensed Tool AND Selenium is Open source device, download it arranges it and appreciate.

This is the fundamental motivation behind why a large portion of the organizations pick Selenium apparatus at whatever point they need to robotize Web applications

As a novice, on the off chance that you need to learn selenium, it isn’t that troublesome, you simply begin utilizing Selenium IDE which is a Firefox module, used to record and play the content. Selenium Training In Bangalore. This is only for training, and you can figure out how the orders that are utilized to run the content in IDE.

In any case, recollect IDE itself isn’t sufficient for compelling experiment composing/scripting. Since it doesn’t bolster circling ideas and you can’t redo it for your requirements.

Now of time, you can begin utilizing Webdriver with the programming dialect that you are agreeable with. We favor Java as it is from long time in the business and there are numerous online discussions which offers help to Webdriver with Java.


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